Mission and Objectives

The SBSP mission is to promote the research and the teaching of the Botany, as the Science that devotes to the plant form, function, development, diversity, reproduction, evolution, economic uses, as well as the interactions with the terrestrial Biosphere.
To carry out this mission, the SBSP has the followings objectives: (1) Show the plant importance to the man, including aspects relative to Classification, Anatomy, Ecology and Environment, Physiology, Landscape and Industrial and Commercial Utilities; (2) Promote the Botany research and  teaching in its different levels; (3) Publish by courses and events in advancing knowledge in the different areas of the Botany; (4) Promote scientific events to comgregate and integrate the professionals and students in Botany from all parts of this country, to publish the research results, well as to offer the opportunity to discuss the actuals themes and to establish the collaborations between the researchers and institutions.