About SBSP

Important Notice: At the Meeting held on February 10, 2017, the new board of directors of SBSP was elected, assuming the presidency, Prof. Dr. Igor Cesarino and the first treasurer Dr. Paula Elbl, as well as other members whose names will be announced soon !! We welcome the new administrators and inform that the headquarters of SBSP will be installed in the Department of Botany of the University of São Paulo. In this transition phase, we will try to make changes to this site as efficiently as possible.

Due to the efforts of Doctor Sonia as Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board, specially Eduardo Leite Borba and Solange C. Mazzoni-Viveiros as Managing Editor, the journal started to be published only in English since the issue 35 (2012), using the name Brazilian Journal of Botany (BrazJBot). On January 2013 the BrazJBot was published by Springer International Publisher. The Dr. Sonia legacy goes on with the new Editorial Board, headed by the new Editor-in-Chief Dr. Antonio Salatino. Thanks to the intense work realized for Editorial Board (Managing Editors, Assistant Editors, Associate Editors, Publishing-Supervisors, Eletronic-Supervisors and Editorial Advisory Board), it is possible to say, proudly, that BrazJBot is becoming an important Botanical worldwide reference. 

Brazilian Journal of Botany – BRJB (formerly Revista Brasileira de Botânica) is the official publication of the Sociedade Botânica de São Paulo (SBSP). The  journal presently covers a wide diversity of  themes in plant science: physiology and biochemistry, ecology, biogeography, morphology and anatomy, mycology, phycology, palynology, cytogenetics, molecular biology and diversity, economic botany, systematics and phylogeny. Manuscripts describing new taxa are suitable for publication only if grounded on solid data from multiple sources, such as morphology, anatomy, phytochemistry and molecular evidence. Floristic inventories and checklists are acceptable only when new and relevant information on other aspects, such as conservation strategies and biogeographic patterns, are provided. BRJB does not consider for publication papers dealing exclusively with methods and protocols (including micropropagation), biological activity of extracts with no detailed chemical analysis, checklists and floristic surveys. Review papers can be solicited by the Editorial Board. SBSP decided that, in order to meet the current and future administrative costs, a submission fee will be charged for non-members of the society. 

SBSP Executive Director